another new b 2 this forum

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another new b 2 this forum

Postby chopper man » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:03 pm

4 now I just joined this forum 2 tell a wild story, I was at auction 4 days ago where they had a 57 hummer that they got out of a barn where it had been sitting for about 50 years, it was stuck very tight and very rusty all over, it was all there but very ruff, the sheet metal was in good shape ex-cept 4 the paint, all the cables were rotted off of it and tires were flat, wheels were pretty ruff, I thought the bike would be worth mabey 400 dollars, somebody started it at 500 dollars and it went all the way up to 2,075 dollars, at this point an time I almost fell over dead?? im still in the state of shock from it,, am I way off or did somebody get burned really bad on this deal,, some of you guys let me know what you think about this deal, you guys fool with this kind of thing everyday and for shure I don't know anything about these bikes but mabey ill get one someday,, thanks 4 the welcome and ill catch-u-latter
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