ST165 1955 w/ trans problem

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ST165 1955 w/ trans problem

Postby Crash » Tue Mar 08, 2022 3:01 pm

This is Dads Stump Jumper. Fenders are bashed from crossing railroad tracks.
I do have the original seat and an original battery. The paint is severely faded, wonder if it was red originally?
The last time it ran (1973 maybe) he caught some air, maybe he came down on the shift lever? It is stuck in neutral and the kickstart hits a hard stop and will not go down. I wonder if it has a bent shift fork, etc.
Before I dig into it I wonder if parts are avail. I will need a gasket set, case screw set, and whatever I find damaged inside the trans.
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Re: ST165 1955 w/ trans problem

Postby Mutt » Tue Mar 08, 2022 3:20 pm

have all those parts in stock Email me
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Re: ST165 1955 w/ trans problem

Postby 250_Sprint » Tue Jul 19, 2022 4:48 pm

The Harley-Davidson American 2-Stoke transmission does not have a shift fork. These transmissions have a pivoting tab which is attached to gear shifter ratchet (34328-47) near the ‘toothed’ section of the ratchet. This tab is not shown in my parts book, 99452-47. Incidentally, the toothed section has teeth and a flat section. I believe the flat section is between 2nd and 3rd..
So, there is no shift fork to bend. This tab rides in the groove of the main shaft slider gear (35056-47A or -55) on the main shaft (35045-47 or -52A).

What makes you think the motorcycle was dropped on the kick-start lever/shifter lever?
Inspect the gear shift lever and end of gear shift shaft. Is there any damage or metal distortion?
Inspect the start lever and end of start lever shaft. Is there any damage or metal distortion?

If the answer is no, then the motorcycle did not land or fall on the levers/shafts.
It may be the gear shifter ratchet (34328-47) is not engaging the shifter shaft assembly (34475-47A) correctly. The gear shifter ratchet, spring and pin (34353-53) may be broken or weak.

If the answer is yes, determine the amount of damage on the levers/shafts. Scratches are normal. Metal looking like it was hammered on more than once is serious.
It may be the shift shaft is bent not allowing the adjacent mechanism to engage correctly.
If the shift shaft is bent, the starter shaft may also be bent, again, not allowing starter selector gear (33530-47B), which is at the end of the starter shaft, to align and mesh correctly with starter ratchet gear (33502-47A) which is attached to the back side of the clutch basket.
It is also possible the starter selector gear (33530-47B) leading teeth are damaged and won’t align and mesh with the starter ratchet gear correctly. My understanding is, the 33530-47B uses a thicker width tooth replacing the thinner width tooth which did not hold up to repeated use.

You may try removing the right side, engine cover and tapping the final drive sprocket shaft. It might do some good. Tap, don’t swing hard on the shaft.
You may try removing the left side cover and inspect the function of the starter. It will be in plain view.
With the left cover off, try tapping the gear shift shaft. It may do some good.

Bottom line is, you won’t know the extent of the damage until the engine case is split and the internals are inspected.

As Mutt mentioned in his reply, all parts are available so any damage you find can be repaired and your Dad’s motorcycle can be made whole again.
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