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Frame #2

Frame # 2
Part # 47002-47
Used on Late 48 - 49
Neck Welded
On frame
Lower Rear
Upper Rear
Coil Mount Top tube
Horn Mount Yes
Toolbox Mount Yes
The early-48 frames experienced breakage, and starting with 48 S 4746 a stronger frame was used at the factory. On July 1, 1948, H-D recalled the earlier frames, and supplied dealers with the stronger frame to install on customer bikes.
The later frame is identified by LETTER "O" or "X" STAMPED in frame front engine hanger, on left side.
We do not know precisely the difference(s) between frame #1 and frame #2.
See, Shop Dope #273 and Shop Dope #277 for more information about the recall.
Mutt #507 writes: Perhaps the only difference is that thicker-wall tubing was used.
Jerry Hatfield #883 writes: The late "Red" Wolverton, longtime Reading, Penn., dealer, told me about a broken frame on an early 125. Red called the factory and demanded to talk to President William H. Davidson. Mr. Davidson agreed that the situation was urgent and said that the factory had already undertaken a frame replacement program. This episode is interesting to me, because from what I've read it would've been impossible for a BSA dealer to have called the BSA president. This illustrates one reason BSA folded and Harley-Davidson is still making motorcycles.

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