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Kick Start Levers and Primary Covers

.....per Charles Mutt" Hallam

Though only 2 part #'s exist for the kicker levers for "Hummers", there are actually 3 different levers.

Type I
The 1948 and 1949 models used the "backwards lever". The pinch slot faced towards the front
of the bike. It was found to be an inferior design (as they were easily broken).

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Type II
The 1950- 1954 models incorporated a design change. The lever was recasted, but this time the slot
was towards the rear of the bike. This design worked better. Both Type I and Type II levers (1948 to 1954) used a
special head bolt (part #3850) 1/4"-28 x 1 7/16" long with a 3/8" thin hex head.

Type III
In 1955 the lever The lever was changed one more time. It was widened at the bottom and the bolt was also different.
The Type III lever was used on 55-59 HUMMERS (with no rubber) and all 1955 to 1966 models.This lever used
a (part #3860) 1/4"-24 NS x 1 5/8" bolt with a 7/16" hex head. This bolt is the same one used on the side valve
1937-1973 45c.i. ServiCar oil pumps.

The Type I & II bolt heads came in 3 varieties of head markings, 1032 CP, 1038 CP and plain headed.

The Type III bolt came in 3 different head markings also. 1955-1958 were marked with 1038 CP and the 1959 to 1965 had a Circle F marking. The Bobcat models were marked Rockford.

Primary Covers

Though there is only 1 Part # for the primary cover, there were actually 2 of them. The 1948 to 1952 125 S models
used a Type I and the 1953 to 1966 models used a Type II.
The covers are distinguished only by a raised horizontal line in the center of the cover.
Type I started at the very back of the cover and split the cover down the centerline, but the line stopped about 3/4" short of the front edge.
The Type II cover's line went from edge to edge.

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